Program Components

Our program is a three year, year-round afterschool program. Students move through six progressive levels, gaining important personal and professional competencies in each phase of the program. Our four components are integrated into each phase of the program.  

Educational Curriculum and Student Ventures

  • During the first three levels at TPP, students are taken through The Possible Project's core curriculum. This curriculum coincides with the development of the students' own ventures, allowing for immediate practical application of learned concepts.
  • Each student at The Possible Project imagines, creates, and launches his or her own entrepreneurial venture. We support students as they learn that what interests them can become a business. Students are encouraged to work in teams to foster a collaborative spirit and draw on the strengths each student can bring to a project.
  • During Levels One, Two, and Three, students first create and then continuously refine a business plan, drawing from lessons learned as the curriculum progresses. At the close of each of the first three levels, student ventures go before a Pitch Panel comprised of local business owners and entrepreneurs to present on their businesses, earning investment funds and garnering useful feedback. Most student ventures begin operations by the end of Level One.
  • During Levels Four through Six, students work with business advisors who provide additional growth opportunities through individual consultation. Students in upper levels may go before a special panel for more substantial investment funding.
  • All parts of the curriculum incorporate TPP's Core Values and are designed to facilitate the development of business skills, including business concept development, marketing, public speaking, ethics, and customer service. Additionally, our curriculum facilitates the development of social-emotional competencies that are the foundation of future success.
  • All lessons are taught by full-time staff members who have strong backgrounds in education, youth development, and, most importantly, entrepreneurship. Teachers pull examples from their own experiences, providing students with real-life business scenarios to debate and discuss.


College and Career Pathways provides individualized guidance for each student on his or her post-high school education and career. This helps students to envision their future possibilities and create a roadmap for getting there, complementing and enhancing the educational and career counseling provided by a student’s school. Our students continually work on a written Career Plan, in which they articulate their post-high school aspirations; reflect on their strengths and areas for improvement; justify their current coursework and extracurricular activities; conduct research relating to education and career interests; and list the steps for reaching their post-high school goals. We support students as they choose a school or program and work intensively on essays, applications, FAFSA, and scholarships. College and Career Pathways is integrated into all six levels of programming, with the dedicated hours increasing as students level up.


In late 2014, through a partnership with the Cambridge Housing Authority and the Biogen Idec Foundation, TPP launched a new Makerspace in Cambridge’s Kendall Square. This hands-on learning environment allows students to create with exciting new technologies and equipment, including 3D printers, laser cutters, computerized textile manipulators, CNC routers, and more. The Possible Project incorporates the Makerspace into its programming by utilizing the facility for: Real-world application of TPP’s entrepreneurship curriculum; Development of STEAM concepts Acquisition of technological skills needed for a career “tool box” Production and operation of student ventures and headquarters for TPP’s in-house, Made Possible.


TPP Enterprises are in-house businesses at The Possible Project. These businesses provide students with a practical collaborative work experience and create revenue to support TPP’s ongoing programming. Beginning in Level Three, students have the opportunity to participate in TPP Enterprises. Students take on an array of entrepreneurial tasks, including research, product development, marketing, negotiations, customer service, and sales. Read more about our ventures here.