Made Possible is a professionally managed, in-house enterprise of The Possible Project, where students enrolled in TPP’s entrepreneurship program help create custom design and fabrication projects for external clients. Alongside design professionals, students refine business and design skills they’ve developed at TPP, employing various design softwares and fabrication tools in an authentic business setting. Clients receive a professionally-ensured product, students develop professional-grade work skills, and 100% of proceeds go directly toward supporting TPP’s students. Win-Win-Win.

Made Possible Infographic

Client project ideas turn into entrepreneurship curriculum, as Made Possible staff guide and integrate TPP students in the planning and execution of real-world design projects.


Students participate in each facet of project life-cycles, from concept development through order fulfillment, as well as major marketing, sales and production initiatives.


Clients receive a professionally-ensured product, while supplying TPP with essential resources, 100% of which go directly toward supporting TPP students.


Using these resources, Made Possible is able to seek out further partners and projects that contribute to the personal and professional development of its students.


In late 2014, through a partnership with the Cambridge Housing Authority and the Biogen Idec Foundation, TPP launched a new Makerspace in Cambridge’s Kendall Square. This hands-on learning environment allows students to create with exciting new technologies and equipment, including 3D printers, laser cutters, computerized textile manipulators, CNC routers, and more. The Possible Project incorporates the Makerspace into its programming by utilizing the facility for: Real-world application of TPP’s entrepreneurship curriculum; Development of STEAM concepts; Acquisition of technological skills needed for a career “tool box;” Production and operation of student ventures, and headquarters for TPP’s in-house, Made Possible.


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Whether with local startups or worldwide companies, Made Possible aims to develop collaborative business relationships with enduring synergies. Such partnerships include co-branded products, cause marketing ventures, and subscription, and help achieve a stability of projects and resources vital to the development and support of Made Possible students.

Partner With Us!