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TPP Enterprises are in-house businesses at The Possible Project. These businesses educate our students and provide them with a practical collaborative work experience, as well as creating revenue to support ongoing programming. Students who are a part of an in-house business take on an array of entrepreneurial tasks including research, product development, marketing, negotiations, customer service, and sales.

Made Possible

Made Possible (MP) is a business that develops, manufactures, and sells a variety of products that incorporate digital imaging and personal fabrication, from greeting cards to iPhone cases to laser engraved picture frames, all using the latest technology. Products are conceived, designed, manufactured, and sold by TPP students. You can purchase items by shopping with us.

We Sell Possible

We Sell Possible (WSP) is an online resale business. Students sell items donated or consigned to TPP using online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. Best-selling items include computers, video games, and iPhones. Students engage in all facets of the business, including research, item listing, customer service and correspondence, and packaging and shipping.

Student Ventures

All students at The Possible Project conceive, launch, and run their own business ventures. Students can run businesses on their own or as part of a larger group. These are actual entrepreneurial endeavors, not hypothetical activities. Students experience successes and failures, they earn money, and they take ownership of their ideas and work.

Check out some of our incredible student ventures.


Deadstockix is a shoe repair, refurbish and customization business founded by three Juniors (Shai Rashada from Cambridge Rindge and Latin, Djovens Maisonneuve from Everett High, and Sebastian Antoine from Prospect Hill Academy). They started the business because they noticed two things 1) teens want the latest greatest shoes but often can’t afford it and 2) when shoes get worn people often throw them away. Deadstockix strives to combat both with their affordable and high quality shoe repair, refurbish and customization services! Deadstockix pride themselves on their ability to bring any shoe back to life and plans to launch sneaker cleaning kits and establish themselves as a leading shoe restoration business in the Greater Boston Area!

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Divine Curls

Divine Curls is a natural hair care business that believes in “curls and confidence” and strives to empower women to be confident in their natural hair. It is founded by Kalkidan Tadesse and Alexis Louis, two seniors from Community Charter School of Cambridge. They plan to expand their product line, expand their brand with promoters and social media campaigns, and set themselves up to secure and fulfill national sales.

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Africa Within Reach

Africa Within Reach is a handmade jewelry business that strives to change people’s perspective on Africa through beautiful and vibrant jewelry. All beads are sourced from South Africa and are reflective of the color and beauty seen throughout the country. Africa Within Reach is founded by Lerato Makhene-Goyau who is a senior at Prospect Hill Academy. Lerato hopes to establish AWR as a high end boutique business with the ability to sell and ship internationally. To do so, she will train and hire several young teens to assist in expanding AWR.

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